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What is ImageMine?
ImageMine is a Digital Asset Management solution that enables organizations to prepare for the Digital Age by leveraging their content to generate additional revenue streams. ImageMine can streamline and bring productivity enhancements to the operations of any Image related operations such as Graphics Arts, Advertising, Engineering Design, Printing, Catalog, etc. Further, it can enable new business processes, channels and markets and adapt to the demands and expectations of higher levels of customer services

Features of ImageMine

  • Centralized content storage
  • Incorporation of ImageMine workflow into the image production process
  • Extensive mock-up and annotation capabilities to enhance productivity of interactive processes in image production
  • Index all textual information within content to facilitate accurate searching
  • Extract images used within the publication and index them as associated content
  • Creation of required file formats to facilitate use of digital channel
  • Creation of templates for personalization of digital editions
  • Loading of assets in prescribed storage and delivery formats into ImageMine
  • Addition of descriptive meta-data to content
  • Encrypting content to facilitate rights management

The following description is with reference to the typical needs of a Printing company for illustrating the capabilities of ImageMine

Manufacturing (Printing Operations)

  • While providing services for print media, ImageMine processes content in parallel for the digital distribution channel
  • Supports all standard image formats. Allows development and use of state-of-the art technology in formatting content
  • Stores content in a schema that is customized to fit the customer requirements.
  • Provides rich annotation capabilities to enable high-interactive and group processes.


  • As soon as content becomes available in the 'preferred' format it can be loaded automatically and seamlessly into the ImageMine system


  • Provides the most complete list of online and offline distribution mechanisms based on customer requirements
  • Our distribution schemes are optimized based on the traffic requirements


  • Every piece of content loaded into ImageMine can have rights associated with it when loading and enforced during distribution and use by consumers


  • Content can be made available for syndication by geographically dispersed content customers
  • Provides detailed reporting on a variety of syndication information

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